Youth Program

A-Team offer two unique and specialised youth programs for children and teenagers. Youth Classes run alongside the school term and there are no classes during school holidays.

Youth Boxing

For girls and boys aged between 10 – 16 years old.  Fully supervised by Coach Louise Heta, current pound for pound lightweight ‘Masters’ Boxing Title holder and experienced group fitness instructor. Students learn the fundamentals of boxing including drills focused on the six basic punches, agility & footwork and  attack & defensive techniques. Students use speed balls and bags, perform shadow boxing and learn how to punch and hold pads correctly and safely. They will learn self-defence, improve self-confidence whilst increasing their fitness and having fun all at the same time. This is a non-contact class.

Suitable for all children 10 years and older that want to get fit and learn to defend themselves through the art of boxing.

This class is also recommended first before students begin boxing fight training.

Session Times

4.30pm to 5.30pm every Tuesday & Thursday

Youth Strength

For girls and boys aged between 12 – 17 years old. Fully supervised weight training by Level 1 ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kim Heta. Students learn correct lifting techniques for functional full-body movements using free weights. Sessions include a combination of body weight exercises, functional weight training using high quality equipment and conditioning activities such as core and stability work.

Suitable for teenagers wanting to increase strength, body awareness and self-confidence. Feel comforted knowing students are working out in a safe, fully supervised environment with a program that is tailored to their capabilities.

This program is extremely beneficial during the off-season for team sports, helping prepare athletes for the rigorous demands of their sport.

Session Times

4.30pm to 5.30pm every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday


Youth Program Fees (Per School Term)

  • $200 for 1 night per week
  • $300 for 2 nights per week
  • $400 for 3 + nights per week
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