Boxing Training

We offer authentic boxing training for those wanting to have a shot at an amateur fight or those that just want to train like a fighter. Run by A-Team head coach Kim Heta, a former heavyweight boxing Champion (Asia Pacific Title 2008), these sessions focus on correct attacking and defensive techniques, as well as drills that mimic a real boxing contest. Learn how to use boxing equipment such as speed balls, different bags and floor to ceiling balls.

As you progress the option of sparring other team mates as well as inter-club sparring will be made available. Then if you are deemed ready, compete in an official sanctioned amateur boxing bout.

Theses sessions are available for all members above the age of 12, however we recommend our boxing fitness classes first for adults and our youth boxing program for children before starting our boxing training program.

We offer programs for both male and female athletes, as well as juniors and all the way to specific masters packages (34 – 60+ yr old).

If you have ever thought of giving boxing a crack then A-Team can make this happen for you!



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